Emily Simmons

Ms. Whitty,

I was prompted to write to you after the amazing performance last night at the VPK graduation ceremony.

Last night was absolutely phenomenal! I can not say enough about how much last night meant to me and my family. We have been so proud of our son Taylor and all his good behavior recently. When we were told by Ms. Cindy that he was to be placed in the front row for the ceremony, well we just didn’t know what exactly that meant at the time. After last night I really understand how much progress he has made! We enjoyed every minute and admire all the efforts it takes to gather about 60 five year olds.
The process of choosing a place to care for your child is always extremely hard, as I am sure you know. Wellington Academy has gone over and beyond our expectations! Taylor has had his struggles through the year but he has grown and learned so much while being here. The relationships that he has been able to develop with his teachers is truly touching. To know and see how much these teachers care for him is one of the most comforting things, especially when he spends a majority of his day at Wellington. Everyone from his permanent teachers, the teachers that step in from time to time and the ladies at the front desk, have been an absolute pleasure.
As parents it has been extremely nice to be able to talk to his teachers about any problems he is having and solutions in which to take care of them. The ladies at the front desk have been just as helpful with any issues we have encountered over the time we have had Taylor enrolled. You have an amazing staff!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to each and every one of you that helped put on a most memorial night for us parents.

Thank you