Kellie Davis

I am not even certain where to begin this letter. I owe you a debt of gratitude for all that you have done for our daughter this year. Your program is phenomenal; but most importantly, you as teachers are simply amazing. I truly believe that our daughter could not have had a better experience in VPK as she did in your classroom. I am confident that she is beyond ready for kindergarten, and more importantly, ready to take on new challenges and discover a whole new world. You taught beyond the basics and provided a deeper meaning to education by enriching the lives of these children with culture, heritage, and worldly experiences without ever having to leave the classroom. Never once when I asked our daughter what she did in school that day did I hear, “nothing.” There was always something amazing to talk about for days on end. I can’t thank you enough. As teachers, you truly are what every parent hopes for when their child walks into a classroom for the first time.