Russell Family

Dear Wellington Staff,
There are really no words that could fully express my gratitude for how well you all have treated my children for the past three years. When we first arrived there I was new to motherhood and terrified to leave my daughter at a new place, so far from home, and so different from the nanny she had known. She quickly adjusted and formed close attachments to the staff and students there. She has always looked forward to going to school and what a wonderful feeling that is for a working mother. Over a year ago, I struggled again with the thought of leaving my new baby away from home, but it was reassuring to know he would be in the very tender care of the nursery staff.
Daphne has had wonderful adventures with her friends chasing critters outside and she has thrived while learning about space, community helpers, healthy habits, and how to write her letters. She has no less than a half dozen items she has proudly crafted at the end of every day. She loves the holiday parades and still knows the words to her favorite patriotic songs. She begged for us to invite her teachers to our home and she picks flowers for them on a weekly basis.
Finley was born such a content baby and his transition to daycare was not disruptive for him at all. He is secure, sweet and gets excited when we arrive at school each day. He’s learning words, how to blow kisses, and a teacher always holds him close when he has to say goodbye to us each morning.
You all have cared for them when they were sick and when they obstinate; through diaper changes, snot and tears. Your patience, guidance, warmth, comfort, cheerfulness, and kindness have had a profound impact on my family.
We are so thankful for the role you all have had in our lives for the past three years and you all will be missed tremendously.