Importance of Brain Injury Prevention

Importance of Brain Injury Prevention

Brain injury is a common problem with young children, but a problem that can be avoided with a few preventative measures from parents. Brain injuries can be caused by trampoline accidents when children land on their head or neck, sports injuries are another common area that can result in brain injury and brain injuries among the skateboarding community are also very common.

Many of these injuries can be prevented if parents to make sure their child wears a helmet anytime they are riding their bicycle, a skateboard or scooter and when skiing – water or snow. Avoiding pediatric brain injury can be done by making sure your baby or toddler is in the right car seat, booster seat or other appropriate child restraints for your child’s age, height and weight. If you and your child are unfortunate enough to have been involved in an incident on the road then you may wish to seek legal help in the aftermath. Lawyers (like those found here – should be able to assist you with a case wherein you have sustained injury or property damage as a result of a car accident.

Getting your child or teenager to wear a helmet when it just isn’t “cool” can be a real challenge. One way to make it work is to show them the professional athletes who are wearing helmets doing the same activities your child loves to do – cycling, skateboarding, and even skiing. Another option is to find a story about a child similar to them who was severely injured because they were not wearing a helmet. Encourage them to have an open discussion with about what might happen if they do have an accident, such as how they might need a serious operation, and answer questions, like what is a neurosurgeon, if they have any. Being honest with your children about the risks of head injuries and how they could leave to permanent damage or even death.

Even the smallest accident that involves a head injury can cause irreparable brain damage, and can often lead to a call to a Head and Brain Injury Attorney to help secure funds for their treatment. One of the most common consequences of a brain injury is loss of hearing, either due to mechanical damage or neurological damage. If your child happens to suffer from a mechanical hearing loss, then getting them some of the best hearing aids could be the solution. But if the damage is more serious, then it could involve surgery and even permanent disability, in some rare cases. Whatever the case, it is always better to be safe than sorry. We all want our children to stay safe and healthy. Be sure to follow the same safety measures on a daily basis – no bicycling or skateboarding without a helmet and never go on a car ride without buckling up. Place infant seats, booster seats and other small child restraints in the back seat where they are safe from the air bags should they be deployed. Finally, lead by example.

If you are on a family bike ride, be sure to wear your helmet and ever ride in the car without your seatbelts properly buckled.

Sometimes you don’t always get a second chance. Be sure your child’s head is protected.