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Snow day 2016 was a success! It was our first time at Snow day in Fort Myers but it will not be our last. We enjoyed meeting future Wellington Academy babies and seeing our current Wellington Academy Stars! It was a lot of fun with fake snow, Disney characters, games, prizes, and much, much, more. We are so glad we got to be a part of this event that benefited the ACT foundation. 



We were so happy to see such a great turnout at the Reading Festival this year! What a great community event it was. It is so wonderful to see so many children focus on reading in a time where electronics seems to take priority over everything else.


Importance of Brain Injury Prevention

Brain injury is a common problem with young children, but a problem that can be avoided with a few preventative measures from parents. Brain injuries can be caused by trampoline accidents when children land on their head or neck, sports injuries are another common area that can result in brain injury and brain injuries among the skateboarding community are also very common.


How to Deal with Picky Eaters

One of the most common struggles parents have is dealing with picky eaters. Does any of this sound familiar to you?


Ideas For Busy Parents For Creative And Healthy School Lunches

There is a wealth of information available about the importance of good nutrition in brain functioning. Growing kids, in particular, need to have a balance of complex carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats and of course, all the vitamins and minerals their little body needs.

The good news is that kids that bring their own lunches and snacks to school don’t have to end up with the same old thing every day. There are a lot of simple, quick, and easy ways to make really interesting, tasty and healthy foods your kids will love.


Relationship Issues For The New Kids At School

As adults, we sometimes forget how difficult it is for a child to go to a new school. They have to go by themselves to a new school, a new classroom, and to have to try to form a whole new group of friends.

For many children there is a lot of anxiety and stress around the first few days and weeks at a new school. This discomfort can be a lot more pronounced if the child is naturally more introverted and shy or has difficulty in starting conversations.


What Parents Need To Know About Kids And Dirt

As a parent it can be more than a bit unnerving in having to deal with all the strange things that kids do. As spring comes around and children who have been cooped up indoors all year take to the backyard, playgrounds, and parks parent may observe some very perplexing and potentially concerning behaviors.


Kid Friendly New Year’s Goals

One annual tradition in families around the world is to set goals, or resolutions, on New Year’s Eve. If you and your family celebrate this tradition it is a great opportunity to start to talk to your children about how to set goal that are going to help them to achieve their personal objectives in life.




Preventing Youth Violence Starts At Home

As parents, keeping our children safe and protected from violence is an important factor. In today’s society it seems children are exposed to and engage in acts of violence more often than in the past. While this may be partially due to increased exposure of this issue through social media, it is also a very real trend in society as a whole.


Tips For Helping Kids To Make Friends

Learning how to make friends is not always easy for children. It is very common for all kids to go through stages where they may not feel comfortable in meeting new people. While is this natural, there are ways parents can help kids to learn effective and appropriate ways to help your children to interact with their peers.



Building Literacy In Infants And Pre-School Children

Research shows that developing literacy can start as early as birth for a child, and it is the time spent by parents and family members talking, telling stories and singing to children that begins to develop a child’s understanding of language.

Parents, caregivers and family members can also begin this process of developing literacy and creating children that are interested in reading, writing and language as soon as the child first comes home from the hospital. Surrounding a child in a language rich environment with lots of attention, interaction and lots of things to see and do in their space also is essential to literacy development.

Spend Time Reading to Your Child

Reading to a child is perhaps the greatest gift that parents and family members can give to a child. Allowing the child to see, touch and play with books while you are reading creates an interest and a true emotional connection between reading, language and the feelings of being comforted and supported.

Kids should be encouraged to try to read along, say memorized parts of favorite books, point to the pictures and ask questions. Discussions and “what if” questions about the pictures and the story as kids get older springboards into creative thinking activities.

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